cloud Derby

Cloud Derby source code is available on GitHub with Apache 2.0 license.

This project is designed to help you learn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a fun way. You will build self driving robot that plays ball game against other robots. Robots are built on Dexter Industries' GoPiGo car. We provide all the instructions to build hardware and software along with project source code and annotated images in GitHub, but you are free to experiment and add or change anything you like. You will be using various GCP services:

  • IoT Core
  • Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Storage
  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • Cloud Functions
  • TensorFlow
  • Cloud Machine Learning
  • DialogFlow
  • Security
  • Cloud Networking
  • GSuite

There are two subsystems in this project: (1) car, and (2) cloud. Software running on the cloud controls movement of the car. In order to do it, several interconnected modules work together and interact with the software running on the car via GCP PubSub and IoT Core. We use GoPiGo cars for this game with wide angle camera and laser sensor as shown on the architecture diagram below.