Parts for the car

Total cost of the materials above with taxes is about $280. If you are buying more than one set of hardware, please contact various sellers directly for discounts. In order for you to build the working car, you can purchase a complete kit on Dexter Industries website:

GoPiGo CloudDerby Kit (all in one)

~ $275 (order here)

Or you can order parts separately:

GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit

~ $200 (order here or here)

Raspberry Pi camera

~ $30 (here, here, here, or here)

Actobotics Parallel Gripper Kit A

~ $15 (here, here, here)

Hitec HS-4ss Servo Motor

~ $10 (here, here, here)

3D printed camera mount

free - 3D design download (feel free to build your own mount out of wood, duct tape or bubble gum)

Eight AA batteries

~ $10 - rechargeable recommended

other prerequisites

In order for you to build the project, you will need the following:

  1. Four balls (order here) of the same color for your team (red, yellow, blue or green balls)
  2. Four home base signs (letter size full page print of characters A, B, C and D)
  3. 2 mounting bolts and 2 nuts for the camera and gripper (see car assembly instructions) - feel free to use this 3D model if you wish
  4. USB Mouse and Keyboard (needed to connect to the Raspberry Pi to setup WiFi)
  5. Monitor with HDMI connector (needed to connect to the Raspberry Pi to setup WiFi)
  6. WiFi with Internet access (to connect to GCP) and ability to SSH from your laptop into the Car RaspberryPi
  7. Laptop (Chromebook, Linux, Mac and Windows are all ok). Requirements:
    • Chrome browser
    • Be able to ssh into remote Linux VM
    • Be able to RDP into remote Windows VM
  8. GCP account (sign up here and get free $300 credit for a year)

If you are interested in hosting Cloud Derby event for other users, here is the list of steps and instructions to make you successful.