Game Rules

  1. The game takes place on a course that measures anywhere from 5’x5’ to 12'x12'. The boundaries of the course are made from plastic tape, so robots cannot leave the play area (laser distance sensor is used to stop the car from going out of boundary).
  2. Sixteen balls (four of each color - red, blue, green, yellow) are randomly distributed over the game space.
  3. The goal of the game is to be the first robot to put three balls of your designated color onto your home space. Cars are programmed to find and capture the ball, bring the ball to its home base, release it there and go for the next ball - all in autonomous mode without human interference.
  4. Your home space is designated by your assigned letter. The areas in each corner of the course are your "home" spaces. This home space will be designated on the actual course as following:
      • Letter A - Yellow ball
      • Letter B - Blue ball
      • Letter C - Green ball
      • Letter D - Red ball.
  5. At the start of the game each car gets a random assignment of a color (no colors are assigned at the start of the build day).
  6. Each round of the game will consist of four robots, each beginning on their home space.
  7. Use of manual control of the car is not allowed - only full self-driving mode is allowed.
  8. If cars get stuck or flip over, the judge is allowed to get cars unstuck.